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Enter HereWest Wycombe Park, near High Wycombe, and in our view, possibly the most magnificent setting for any running event in England, plays host to the most exciting event in the running calendar.

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“Amidst the venue’s magnificent beauty, tackle the tortuous torment of precipitous parkland as you take on this 26.2 mile multi-lap challenge, with each and every beastly lap offering lung-bursting, soul-destroying, never-ending ascents.”

Can you tame “The Beast”?

This exciting event has full marathon and half marathon options for individual runners and walkers and a unique multi-size TEAM option.

    For true heroes ready to take on the full six-lap MARATHON option within the 8hr time limit. (£40.00 entry fee)
    For those wanting a little more time to savour the stunning beauty of West Wycombe Park, we have the three-lap HALF-MARATHON option available. (£35.00 entry fee)
    Get a TEAM together and share your collective marathon challenge. Teams of 2 (£35.00 each); 3 (£32.50 each) or 6 (£30.00 each)

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